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Arabic Magic Fonts Free Download For Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone


Before you download free Arabic fonts أريد أن أخبركم أنه في السنوات القليلة الماضيةArabic Magic Fonts have been discovered along with many other magical fonts for the users. Once you know there are many magic font متوفرة عبر المكتبات الرقمية من الخطوط. The very next step is to find and make a decision what kind of Arabic Magic fonts you can put onto your work.


Download Free Arabic Magic Font New - Arabic Magic Fonts Free Download

One of the good news for the people who are making their livings from latest magical fonts is that there are a lot of good magic Fonts are available for free. The only difficulty is that it is very hard to decide which font you will use actually as all are good and eye-catching Arabic fonts download. That makes them really magical fonts over the internet.

Download Free Arabic Magic Font - Arabic Magic Fonts Free Download

Download Free Islami Arabic Magic Font


These free Arabic fonts are really working and worthy for the windows user as well as Mac users. And here in our collection, you will find all famous and commercial used magical fonts. We are curious to inform you about that these fonts are really amazing and impressive whether you use them or not.

Here is the complete list of the famous Magic font which you will use to add some beauty to your documents. The fonts are following.

1. Download Arabic Magic Font For Free:

Arabic Magic Font was created was created in 22nd of November 2013 by the The glyph count for the Arabic Magic font is about 111. This font is not classified in any particular task that’s why could be lying in open fonts core magic family. The style format followed by the font is left to right with italic in nature.


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Basic Information about Arabic Magic:

Here is the basic information about Arabic Magic Font you must consider it before advancing to the next part.

Copyright notice Arabic Magic © ( 2013. The property belongs to the
Font family Arabic Magic
Font subfamily Regular
Unique subfamily identification Arabic Magic: Version 1.00
Full font name Arabic Magic
Name table version Version 1.00

November 22, 2013

First and Initial release

Postscript Font name Arabic Magic


2. Download Wizards Magic Font for free:

The creation of Wizards magic fonts was truly inspired by the famous book of JK Rolling. She wrote a successful series of magic fiction. The book went viral as she published the book. Yes, you are right it is Harry Potter. You can use this font for free personal use. And also you can use it commercially. For commercial use of Wizards Magic, you have to buy the license published by the author of Wizards Magic Font.


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Basic Information about Wizards Magic:

Following are the basic information and download link for the Wizards Magic. Must review the information before advancing.

License Free For Personal Use but for commercial, you have to purchase the License.
Copyright معالج ماجيك © (SpiderRayfoNts)
Designer SpiderRayfoNts
Font Tags Curly
Official Website


3. Download Black Magic Fonts for free:

Black Magic Font is the one of the magical font that has been invented by the Eagle Fonts. It has dark magical typeface which is totally based on the cover of a CD Little Mix Black Magic with same Triangles, Pentagrams, and Crescents. You can use this font for personal use but in order to use it commercially, you need to buy the license of Black Magic.


Download Black Magic Fonts


Basic Information about Black Magic

Copyright notice Copyright (c) SpiderRayfoNts. All rights reserved.
Font family Black Magic
Font subfamily Regular
Unique subfamily identification SpideRaY: BLACK MAGIC: 2017
Full font name Black Magic
Postscript font name BLACKMAGIC


4. Download Street Magic Font For Free:

Street Magic Font is one of the real magical font of all magic fonts. The font is working for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The font support both letter cases i-e upper case and lower case. Moreover, it also supports multiple languages. For the commercial use, you have to buy the license published by the author. Download it now from the link given below.


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5. Download Spirit Magic Fonts for Free:

Spirit Magic fonts are also commonly known as fonts of Spirit Magic. With these, you can enlarge the effects of Magic associated with spirit Magic. Any spell on the spirit magic already belongs to the spirit of Spirit Magic. Download it now from the link given below.


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6. Download Tiki Magic Font For free:

Tiki Magic Font is one of the cool and really likable fonts. Here you can download the Tiki Magic Font. The font belongs to the regular font family. Moreover, this is compatible with both operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Download it now from the link given below.


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7. Download Spooky Magic Font For free:

The Spooky Magic font is developed and published by Gaut Fonts. Here you can use the spooky Magic for personal use. In order to use it commercially, you have to purchase the license of this font. This font is also compatible with cross platforms operating systems. Download it now from the link given below.

Font Family Spooky Magic
Font Sub Family Regular
Copy Rights Spooky Magic by J.F.Y.Daniel Gauthier + GautFonts


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8. Download Supercell Magic Font for free:

Supercell magic font is one of the most popular web fonts. The famous games like clash of clan, the clash of royal and many others are using this font. ليس فقط في المباريات ولكنه يستخدم أيضا في العديد من الصور, videos, and illustrations of games. So why are you waiting for download supercell magic and enjoy the cool fonts of games?

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9. Download Free Disney Magic Fonts for free:

Disney magic fonts are further divided into many other Disney fonts. These Disney fonts used in Disney pictures and movies. Disney magic fonts are used in Disney magic fiction movies. So, download the cool and most famous magic font so called Disney Magic.

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Download Free Aayat Quraan 1 Font
Download Free Arabic Lateef Font


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